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Boreholes for Domestic and Industrial Water | Ultra Drilling Increase the value of your property with a professionally installed borehole
Why drill for a borehole?

A borehole is an asset that should last you at least 15-30 years at very little ongoing cost, provided you invest in the correct drilling company If you don’t, it can become a very expensive and time-consuming liability with continual repair or replacement of pumps, the causes of which could either be traced back to poor borehole construction or incorrect pumping or pump installation.

Our Specialists Areas

There are many industries that relies on water sometimes delivered over vast distances. With no rain there is no gain and doors are closing leaving behind an unemployed society and a devastated economy. Even if a couple of boreholes cannot deliver all the water an industry needs, it will help.
Municipalities are under severe pressure to provide potable water to the community and with low dam levels it becomes a daunting task to do so. Municipalities needs to tap in the underground water to supply strategic centers such as hospital and schools with healthy potable water.
With a new property development, water may be used in vast quantities and a request to municipalities to provide water on the premises might not be that high on the priority list. With the project planning it becomes a necessity to plan for borehole water as not to run dry when the taps are turned off.
A luscious garden is an asset to any property. Unfortunately, municipal water supply becomes erratic and at times to a standstill. With the drought periods households has a limited water supply with hefty penalties using more than allowed. With a borehole you are independent and master of your own assets.
Certain mining operation needs water to wash and clean the minerals or remove tailings from the ore. Even if you recycle the use water it still needs a constant replenishing of the dams. Some mines are in remote arid regions and it’s costly to pipe water over a vast distance to the site. Therefore, these type of mines must rely on borehole water for the operations.
Without sustainable irrigation water the food basket cannot be sustained. With looming droughts, it is important to realize that surface water will become a very scarce commodity and that there are aquifers that can be tapped as a supplementary water supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

A borehole can be an expensive asset if not planned properly. To ease your mind here are some of the most common frequent questions asked with short answers. If the answer is not explanatory enough, do not hesitate to call us for a better explanation.
Do I need to register my borehole?
Depending the region, registration may not required if the water to be used is for domestic purposes. Borehole water that is used for commercial or agricultural purposes, needs to be registered. In the Western Cape once you have drilled a borehole and water is found and utilized, the borehole needs to be registered with the Municipality. It is always good practice to check with your local authority.
How long does it take to drill a borehole?
It all depends on the depth of the well and the type of rock formation that is drilled.
Do you install pumps?
No, we do not install pumps but we will recommend a reputable company in your area.
Can I decide where to position my borehole?
Yes you may, but we recommend to employ the services of an independent provider who can Divine or do a Geological survey. In the urban areas, the physical position may also rely on the access by the heavy drill equipment.
Should I have a yield test done?
A yield test will determine the amount of water in the borehole and also give you the rate at which it can be pumped. This information is useful so that the correct size pump is installed. It should give you many years of service and will protect the aquifer – not to run “dry”.

We do not do yield testing, but will recommend reputable company in your area to do the testing.
Do you guarantee that you will find water?
A guarantee that water will be found is not possible. In the case of a “dry” hole, the cost per meter drilled is still applicable.
How long will a borehole last?
We use top quality casing, drill and develop our boreholes to the highest standards and therefore your borehole should last for over 30 years.
How much space is required for your rig?
We would need to have a look at the site initially to make sure our equipment has the access needed.
What if I don't strike water?
There are occasions when water is not found when drilling. There is always a risk that a well may be “dry”. In a case like this you would only pay for the site establishment, travel and the number of meters drilled.
What is the "Site Establishment" cost
This is the cost to set up our drill rig, compressor truck and equipment that are required for drilling the well. This cost includes the “de-establishment” of the equipment. The process of site establishment and de-establishment can take a few hours, depending on the access and terrain.
How many years of experience do you have with boreholes?
Collectively we have more than 35 years experience in a variety of fields including mining.
Does drilling make a mess?
Drilling can be a messy business. All the material that we drill from the borehole comes to the surface. Initially there could be a lot of dust and once water is found it can become very muddy. We work very carefully and take great care that garden damage is kept to a minimum. We set up shade cloth to protect plants if required and try to divert the water and slurry so as not to damage lawns and flower beds.
“When you drink water, don’t forget about the fountain.”

– Paulo Coelho -
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